20 Things To Do In Pune For An Awesome 2020

    2019 was outright awesome, and there’s no reason for 2020 to be anything but absolutely dynamic. So, here it is – A bucket list of 20 things you should do in Pune for the ultimate 365-day thrill (or, 365 to be precise).

    Attend A Secret Gig

    Sofar – Sounds From A Room – is a worldwide community, united with the goal of bringing the magic back to live music. And, ICYMI, Sofar Sounds recently re-started their Pune chapter in February, last year. You can be a part of Sofar in three ways – either as an artist, a host, or an attendee – by registering through their website. The focus of each event is solely on the music – keeping it intimate, but fun for everyone. A gig could be anywhere, from someone’s living room or terrace, to an art studio, a theater or even a furniture shop. For more, read our recommendation here.

    Experience Gliding

    An initiative of the Director General of Civil Aviation, Hadapsar Gliding Centre gives you an opportunity to learn gliding or if not learn, at least enjoy the thrill of gliding, up and above.

    The programme is very safe. You will be accompanied by an experienced pilot, throughout the ride. Head out here with the buds and fly with the birds (for an hour or more). And the prices start at INR 187

    Find out more on this, here.

    Float In An Isolation Tank

    Relax and rejuvenate your mind and body as you float in a state-of-the-art water tank at Shalom Mind & Float Spa in Koregaon Park.

    Started by Binny Paul, a Certified Water Specialist(CWS-1) and his wife Tressa Binny, Shalom Mind & Float Spa incorporates the technique of flotation to relief you from stress and pain.

    How does this work? You will spend about 60 minutes at a RelaxoPod, a nine-feet deep flotation tank in the shape of an oyster. The tank holds about 2/3 water and 1/3 epsom salt. The salt adds density to the water, which keeps your body afloat, sans any effort, against gravity. It’s almost like the floating on the Dead Sea which, as most people would know, is a hyper-saline lake in Israel. The prices here are divided as INR 1,500 for 60-minute session; INR 7,200 for three sessions; INR 11,700 for six sessions; INR 21,600 for 12 sessions

    Play Neon Futsal

    For the first time ever in India, AllRounder at Phoenix Marketcity in Viman Nagar, has come up with the concept of Neon Futsal.

    It’s a 5-side futsal arena. But here’s the real deal. You play in complete darkness, illuminated only by neon lights. What’s more? With everything from the ball to the jerseys and goalposts in neon glow, it will surely be a unique experience for the players. To add more energy to it, loud music will be played while you play to keep you energetic and keep the game going.

    For more on this, read our recommendation here.

    Try Frappe Pitchers

    Recipient of the IICF 2016 Best Stand Alone Café and Best Overall Café Experience Award, this place is a caffeine haven for those coffee addicts. From chocolate brownie freak-shakes for INR 350 to hazelnut frappe for INR 100, they have it all! But that’s not the good news.

    Coffee Crafts is perhaps, one of the only cafes in town that serve coffee pitchers. Starting at INR 400, we’re totally hooked on to their rich mocha and caramel frappe pitchers that can easily serve your squad of four or five.

    The story doesn’t end at coffee. Say hi to the smoothie and fizzer pitchers! We highly recommend you try their pinacolada and watermelon twist pitchers for INR 300. Got a sweet tooth? Indulge in to the might Oreo smoothie pitcher for just INR 450.

    Finish A Bahubali Thali

    House Of Paratha

    Shivajinagar, Pune

    We’re not even joking when we say we’ve found a Baahubali Thali. The House of Paratha at JM Road is an all-vegetarian eatery that excels in giving the homesick North Indians delicious food they miss so much. Naturally, they have varieties of parathas, tasty dal makhni and so on. But their most stand out item right now is the Baahubali Thaali. This gigantic thali includes Kattapa Biryani, Devasena Paratha, Bhalladeva Patiala Lassi, Sivagami Shaahi Pakwan and a huge Baahubali Paratha at the center that is topped with butter and cheese. Can you believe that? We hear it’s not easy to finish this one.

    Priced at INR 1,700 plus taxes, the thali is meant to be eaten by a group of six, so make sure you all get to House of Paratha on an empty stomach.

    Eat A Mystery Meal

    Pitch black ambience, gourmet food and a unique experience! Step in to the world of a visually impaired, test your senses and dine in complete darkness for 60 minutes at The Black World in Xion Mall, Hinjewadi.

    Hosted and run by visually impaired staff, The Black World, is one-of-a-kind restaurant that let us encounter a world sans colour or light. The concept is much beyond an unique dining experience; rather an initiative that, in its own way, let’s you empathise with the visually-challenged.

    The food menu is all-veg albeit the catch is you wouldn’t know what will be served. For starters, we dug in to a plate of piping hot potato fries, cheese pakoras, clear soup and nachos with sweet and sour topping. A very basic yet delectable meal comprising rotis, steamed rice, dal fry, paneer and mixed veg curry, was served for the main course. A bowl of lip-smacking chocolate ice cream with walnut brownie concluded the dinner. Prices start at INR 499 per person (includes lunch or dinner); INR 349 per person (only starters)

    Try This Black Wasabi Ice Cream

    Santé Spa Cuisine in Koregaon Park is a healthy food joint that serves a lot of quirky stuff including Black Wasabi Ice cream. The black wasabi ice cream is made with khandasari sugar that’s made from raw jaggery and without undergoing any refinement. This looks like brown sugar but is a lot better version of it because it has no chemicals. This khandasari sugar is mixed with crushed buckwheat granules. Buckwheat is a gluten-free cereal. Then Wasabi is added to it followed by activated charcoal to give the black colour.

    Get An Ice Cream Mani-Pedi

    We have been told to cut down on calories, carbs and sugar for that perfect beach-body. But has anyone mentioned that a bit of sugar isn’t all that bad for a glowing skin? We’re talking about the sensational and the most relaxing ice cream mani-pedi at Meshail in Aundh and FC Road.

    Available in strawberry, chocolate and lavender flavours, the ice cream here is actually fizzy bath bombs, shaped like real ice cream scoops. We hear, these ‘scoops’ come with the goodness of natural minerals, six different kinds of aroma oils, epsom salt and fragrances. And, in case you’re wondering how safe it is…honestly, we felt pretty great. Besides, these bath bombs are 100% preservative and paraben free. The price for 60 minutes is INR 1,000 for manicure and INR 1,200 for pedicure

    Visit This 170-Year-Old Library

    If you are into Maratha history or interested in conversation about literature, politics and art, this is the place you should be! Built in 1848, Pune Nagar Vachan Mandir was initially formed as the Poona Native General Library at Budhwarwada. However, when the place burnt away, eminent personalities from the state, Justice Mahadeo Govind Ranade, Lokhitvadi Gopalrao Hari Deshmukh, Krishnashatri Chiploonkar, Prof.Kero Laxman Chhatre, Daji Neelkanth Nagarkar, Vishnu Parshuram Ranade, Sonya Bapu Mande and Vishnu Moreshwar Bhide re-established the library in 1879.

    Standing tall and proud, this 170-year old beauty, continues to function as a public library in the city, and houses over 50,000 books with more than 3,000 registered members. The thing we love most is that their membership is only INR 30 per month.

    Members can take home up to three books at a time for a time period of seven days. Once you return the previous books, you can take home more books. There is no restriction whatsoever!

    Visit This Smart Gallery

    India’s first ever smart art gallery was launched in 2017 in Pune, at Dastur Meher Road in Camp. Having provided event tech solutions to Microsoft, Google India, Green Laminates and NEXA, this art gallery by TheySee is a combination of various forms of paintings and state-of-the-art technology. Now, what does this mean?

    When you visit this smart gallery, you’ll be asked to download the TheySee app. As you check out the varied art forms on display, the sensor detectors of the app will track your movements, and give every bit of the information about the artwork in front of you. From artist name to the concept and the base, everything will come instantly to your phone.

    Read more about this extraordinary gallery, here.

    Learn How To Shoot

    Gun for Glory is a shooting academy which was started by Padmashri Gagan Narang and Shri Pawan Singh to promote shooting as a sport. The academy is designed with close attention to detail and is situated at Shiv Chatrapati Sports complex 50m shooting range, Balewadi, Pune.

    The customised training plans are designed by foreign coaches on the basis of SWOT analysis. The courses also offer shooters gun testing facility (testing each barrel & selecting best pellets for every barrel and maintaining availability for a year’s training), peak performance management, a link up with an educational institution and a residential tie-up. Courses start at INR 5,500

    For more information on Gun For Glory, read our reccomendation here.

    Party At Pune's Only 'Members Exclusive' Bar

    Started by Kunal Mhaske, Coco – Sushi & Bar is the first member’s only club in Pune, located at Onyx Tower. Goes without saying, an entry to this party place needs an exclusive membership. For what we know and have experienced, money and lineage are usually the way in, as well as a hefty dose of social capital.

    Drink At The Longest Bar In The City

    The high-end two-storey bar at Westin, House Of Medici is all about posh and elegance. The most phenomenal aspect about the place is, of course, the 104-foot long horseshoe-shaped bar, the longest in India.

    House Of Medici is designed to perfection – the neon lighting, the magnificent chandeliers, a deluxe cigar room, swing and leather couches and glossy wooden flooring.

    The bar menu flaunts an array of signature cocktails and infusions that’ll get you all tipsy dancing through the night. We recommend you try one of Medici legends – Albizzi, a mix of white rum, pineapple juice, pernod and ginger syrup for INR 900. The Tuscan Margarita made of jalapeno infused tequila, sour mix and sour rim for INR 650, is also worth a try.

    Dig In To Pune's First Bean-To-Bar Chocolate

    The first of it’s kind in Pune, Indah is a pioneer in the bean-to-bar chocolate movement in India. If you haven’t yet tried one of their deliciously dark chocolate bars, you’re missing out!

    Using modern European as well as traditional methods, and by slow-roasting and stone grinding the cacao in small batches – Indah makes minimally processed chocolate that’s lip-smacking good.

    Indah‘s current range includes bars of 61% cocoa dark chocolate infused with peppermint, orange, salted almond, and a plain variety. For the light-hearted there’s also a 45% cocoa pure milk chocolate bar available in plain, and with roast almonds.

    Each of the bars are priced at INR 99 each, and INR 549 for gift box of 6 bars.

    Visit The Cycle Museum

    Childhood memories are made of bicycling through those nameless lanes to explore something new every evening. Vikram Pendse’s cycle museum, located at a quaint Karvenagar bungalow, will not only get you nostalgic, but will leave you awestruck with its unique collection of everything vintage and wonderful.

    As you enter Vikram Pendse Cycle Museum, your eyes meet the series of vintage bicycles, tricycles and pedal cars, basking in glory in the soft yellow ceiling lights. Get closer and you realise that almost all cycles in this three-storey museum, are over a century old. Some of them, in fact, have been collected from scrapyards and later restored by Vikram with the help of his dear friend and a veteran cyclist, Pandurang Gaikwad.

    The place boasts of over 150 collectibles – from geared racing cycles to children’s bicycles, tandem bicycles, cruisers, beach cycles, erstwhile cycle ads, nuts & bolts, tyres, spare parts, gears, seats, dynamos, air pumps, lamps and many more.

    For more about the collection, check out our recommendation here.

    Timings: 11 am to 7 pm; Tuesdays closed

    Go Glamping

    If you are a nature's person but want to it like Sonam Kapoor in Aaisha, check out Glamp Everest in Sanghavi. 

    The team of Glamp Everest basically arranges camping for all nature enthusiasts around Pune at places such as Pawana, Bhatghar, and other natural outdoors. Even if you will be living outdoors, the team will ensure that the experience is glamorous than regular camping. Their packages start at INR 2000 whcih includes a camp stay, bbq, bonfire and other stuff. But depending upon your requirements, the packages can be moved around. 

    Go To An Adult Trampoline Park

    Who said trampolines are only for kids? If you too get all jumpy at the site of a trampoline, you have got to check out Skyjumper Adult Trampoline Park. 

    Located on the second floor of Creaticity Mall in Yerwada, Skyjumper is open to everyone. They have the obvious: trampolines and even a sponge pit for you to take that leap of faith. The park is operational on Monday to Friday from 12 to 10:00 PM and on weekends from 10:30 AM to 11:00 PM and the entry per person is INR 550 on weekdays and 650 on weekends for an hour.  

    Do A Heritage Walk Of Pune

    Along with being known as an educational hub, Pune is also known as a cultural hub. The history of this ancient city is well explored when gone on a heritage walk. 

    There are numerous groups by government as well as private who conduct there heritage walks. Groups such as Pune Heritage Walk By Maharashtra Tourism (MTDC) & Janwani, Wandertrails, Western Routes, 5 Senses Tours, Chalo Heritage And Nature Walks to name a few. And on an average, their prices start at INR 500 per person. 

    Scale Some Height At This Rock Climbing Gym

    Whether you are a gymnast or not rock-climbing is a fun activity that you must take part in, at least once! And you can do exactly that at Rock Aliens Climbing Gym in Shivajinagar.

    At Rock Aliens Climbing Gym, you can scale these artificial rocks around experts who will ensure that you reach the top. They have a number of tools and cords that will definitely help out beginners. It's open all days of the week and costs INR 100 per person and you can get a monthly pass for INR 1200.