This Majestic Citadel Is Just 5 Hours Away From The City!

What Makes It Awesome?

Unlike many other forts in Maharashtra, Daulatabad fort also known as Devagiri fort is in a great condition and stands strong in the city of Aurangabad. Once a capital of the Yadava dynasty, it was later occupied by Sultans and has great historic importance. This place has complex entryways, false doors designed to confuse enemies, dark passages with an uneven floor and many interesting features that are designed to confuse the enemy army and eventually trap them. The climb to the top is quite tiring, with approximately 700 large steps and can take more than an hour. View from the top is amazing and is good to relax there and spend some peaceful time enjoying the view. Visit this fort can be combined with Ellora and Ajanta caves and it can be an amazing three-day trip for any history or architecture buff!

Best To Go With?

Family, Big Group, Bae