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Men, You Need This: 5 Products That Will Keep Your Beard Frizz Free During Summer

Mugdh posted on 14 November

Ten-Second Takeaway

Summers can be difficult for skin and hair. Most men, we have spoken to, tell us how difficult it is to maintain a smooth, straight beard during this season. Solution? Here are 5 products that will help you keep a frizz-free beard, almost effortlessly.

Mustache Growth Roll

For faster growth of your beard, using Mustache Growth Roll On by Beardo might be helpful. It helps get rid of itchiness and smoothens the skin underneath. It hydrates skin and improves growth. Priced at INR 245, you can buy it here or their products are also available on Amazon and Flipkart.

The Black Velvette Wash

Formulated for beard that feels dry and unruly due to dust and environmental irritants, this beard wash is one product you’d want to buy instantly to feel fresh and smoothen the tangles.
With lemon,lavender and Linalool, your beard will deserve all the natural therapy it deserves. It also firms up the skin underneath. There are many other variants available too. Easy to use and priced at INR 350, you definitely should add it to your beard care routine! You can buy the product here . It is also available on Amazon and Flipkart.

Beard and Mooch Styling Wax

Styled your mooch and now it’s nowhere close to what you’d planned. Yes, we know the struggle. The best way to maintain that quirky style is by using Beard and Mooch Wax. With a hint of lemon, you’re surely going to feel the fragrance as you style your pride. Priced at INR 399 for 100 gms, you can buy it from Ustraa here.

Beard Balm

Keeping your beard soft and tangle free is essential. That’s when Beard Balm comes to your rescue. It helps make it manageable and softens it. With natural ingredients like Shea Butter, Vitamin E, Almond Oil and Bees Wax, it is surely is worth adding to your grooming list. Priced at INR 450, you can buy it here.

Beard Softener Woody

Keeping your beard healthy is of utmost importance. While keeping it good looking is another. Beard Softener does just that. With ingredients that are SLS and Paraben free, it is safe to use. Priced at INR 450 for 100 gms, you can buy it here. You can also check out their Beard Oil. It’s just as good.