Shivani posted on 6th July

In Search Of Some Quintessential North Indian Cuisine? Hit These Five Restaurants Right Now!

Ten-Second Takeaway

The butter chicken or the stuffed paratha that we’ve all savoured with a glass of chach on our trips to Delhi or Lucknow or Amritsar have set a benchmark for authentic North Indian delicacies. But fret not, we know the best restaurants that would give you the absolute northern spice chills!

The Great Punjab

There is no other feeling that describes happiness better than tender pieces of chicken melting in your mouth. Here, at The Great Punjab, experience all the spices blending and delighting you with flavours you may not have enjoyed as much before. Right from the lip smacking kebabs to the mouth watering gravies, be it paneer, mushroom, or meat- this restaurant will serve it all on a platter of happiness. With a sophisticated ambience and an experience one shall cherish for long, the higher-end prices on the menu are not something you’d mind at all. We didn’t, for sure!

Nawab Asia

If you ever wish to visit the Nawabi shaan right here in Pune, the Nawab Asia in Baner is just the right place for your gourmet desires. The grandeur and the majestic vibes, makes for an amazing fine-dine experience. Elegance shines through the lighting and the wooden finish of the walls. One can barely keep their jaws from dropping when the waiter serves the kebabs and biryani. The mushrooms are known to be deliciously well-cooked. This restaurant, with decent prices, is not just a treat to the meat-lovers but also takes care of the vegetarian cravings and hunger pangs.

The Urban Foundry

Even if it’s a Saturday morning when you jumped out of bed, or a dinner date with your friends, you may want to book for reservations. This restaurant is ALWAYS packed and buzzing of laughter and catching-up. What with the outdoor seating giving a magically chilly vibe, the indoors is dim lit with the feel of an old warehouse and funky frames all over. The chandelier was indeed a sight to see. What’s most attractive and exceptional about this restaurant is its presentation of the dishes ordered. Right from unique plates to the way kebabs are served to look like screwdrivers, this is one hell of a creative eatery! The butter chicken and kebabs with an impressive variety of cocktails and mocktails, The Urban Foundry on Balewadi High Street must appear somewhere on the top five of your go-to joints in the city!


Always buzzing with customers at any time of the day, Prem’s is one of the oldest restaurants in Pune located at Koregaon Park. With outdoor seating, and candle-lit evenings, this restaurant becomes a must-visit place if you’re out on a romantic date or even out with your family. With a long menu, and a lot of options to choose from from the North Indian cuisines, Prem’s offers the kind of quality food one may struggle to find elsewhere. Although slightly high-priced, it is totally worth it. Varieties of curries, be it chicken, mutton, or paneer, Prem’s will make you love it all!

Shahji’s Paratha House

For your paratha cravings that must be pampered with authenticity, Shahji’s Paratha House welcomes you with its home-like ambience. Numerous kinds of parathas, gigantic and stuffed, make a good deal for your brunch diaries. Thalis are also a specialty of this place apart from the parathas and naan and a variety of curries to choose from. Rajma chawal and multiple kinds of beverages like chaach and lassi are a treat for all you food enthusiasts!