Slaying Work In Style: My Comfortable 9-To-9 Look

When you don't have a meeting, what do you wear to work? I believe in comfort because that can be fashionable too. This look exactly speaks that. I love pairing a simple top with pants I wouldn't mind wearing all day. And, easy slip-ons for shoes. The best part about this look is that if I do have a meeting suddenly, I'm still ready for it. 

Pink Ikat Front Open Top

This top is comfortable as ikat generally is, but I love it for the fit and the detailing. August Co. makes work wear that's for the Indian body type, so you have fewer things to worry about. I could easily wear this for a dinner post work too. And the material is cotton, so it's very cool to wear even on a hot day. I felt my pair of white pants perfectly complemented the top. 

Gold Braid Embellished Kolhapuris

Slip-ons are the best to keep things casual on a work day. And, what's better than a pair of Kohapuris? I love this pair from Handmade Love. It's simple, the gold embellished braid isn't too loud or gaudy and in fact adds that little extra bit to complete the look. But, the simplicity and comfort is what I love about this pair of chappals.

Minimal Textures Bow Earrings

To complement the gold embellished Kolhapuris, I found these earrings by Niiaashi to be the perfect pair. They're simple and the white metal also goes with the ikat top. They aren't too bold for work and look great for dinner or drinks after work too. Honestly, you could wear these with a dress for a party look too, which is what I love about them. They're so versatile!