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Desktop Golf Or Beer Belt? 5 Epic Gifts For Father's Day

Sneha posted on 04 June

Ten-Second Takeaway

Fathers are real-life heroes, making our lives comfortable and simple since forever. And since, Father’s Day is just down the line (on June 17), it’s time we tell them how much they mean to us. Check out these 5 unique products that we bet your dad will love.

Beer Belt

This one’s for the cool dads who love their beer way too much. If your father is a beer person too, there cannot be a better gift than a beer belt. The belt has six pockets to store the beer and fits any waistline between 30″ and 54″. You can choose from either a black or blue or a camo-print belt.

Price: INR 499; buy here.

Saregama Carvaan

The newly launched Saregama Carvaan is a portable digital audio player that comes with an in-built collection of 5,000 evergreen Hindi songs. These songs are carefully handpicked and categorised based on singers, lyricists, music composers, moods etc. So you get everything from Kishore Kumar classics to RD Burman hits and much more. You also have the option to tune into FM channels and turn the audio player in to a home radio. What’s more? This quirky little device comes in various colours including cherry red, electric blue, brown and white.

If your dad loves retro music and misses listening to those, this is perhaps the best possible way to surprise him on Father’s Day.

Price: INR 6,390; buy here.

Dual Umbrella

Monsoons are right at the corner and you would rather gift your dad something that is not just quirky but practical too. Enter- the dual umbrella. If your parents go for long evening walks, this product ensures that they don’t miss those moments because of rains. In a way, the dual umbrella will not just make your dad happy, but will also make mom very proud of you. Now, who doesn’t want that to happen?

Price: INR 1,499; buy here.

Couch Arm Table

Does your dad spill coffee every time he tries to balance his breakfast on the couch while watching TV? It’s time for you to make your old man’s life simpler. This couch arm table is one of the craziest inventions we’ve come across and is perfect for those who love eating food on the couch. The table has adjustable spring clasps that hold onto any size or style of arm (up to 15″ wide) and can support everything from beverages to snacks and remote control. Now, that is extremely convenient. Amirite?

Price: INR 10,117; buy here.

Desktop Golf

If your dad loves to golf but doesn’t have to time to practice, you can cheer him up by simply bringing the golf course on to his desk. How you ask? Check this awesome miniature golf course that comes with a club and tiny balls made of stainless steel.

Price: INR 2,361; buy here