Wings and Flights

Wings and Flights is an institute, focused on paragliding, paramotoring, parasailing, trike flying, paragliding winching, etc. Wings and Flights operate state-of the art equipment, with highly qualified, award-winning pilots on staff. What we’re most interested in, is their engine-powered paragliding! You don’t have to be a qualified pilot to take a powered paragliding joyride. All you need to do is strap into the 360° open seat {with the pilot seated behind you}, sit back, relax and enjoy the view!
You’ll be flying at a height of 1000 feet for about 5 – 10 minutes {depending on the weather} and this will cost you around INR 2500+ taxes. Longer duration flights {20 – 30 minutes at 1000 – 12000 feet} are available, at a higher cost. Make some thrilling memories and take photos as you enjoy a bird’s eye view of scenic Pune. Weather permitting, the pilot may even let you steer the craft for a minute or two! We highly recommend booking your flight in advance, as they have limited slots.
Restrictions: Age 5 years – 70 years; weighing 20kg – 80kg. Passengers should be medically & physically fit.
#LBBTip: They also offer training courses, if you have the time and money to dedicate yourself to learning paragliding.