Eat, Sip & Stay Warm: 5 Winter Treats You Must Try


    A warm cider or a hot chocolate or a slice of spiced cake, what do you love to eat when it’s winter? Sure, it’s not as cold in Pune but that’s no reason to not feast on stuff you won’t get otherwise. Here’s everything you must try!

    Plum Cake At Marz-o-rin

    Christmas may be around the corner, but plum cakes in the winter are a must! Those little sweet plums dotting the cake at Marz-O-Rin are so good, we could eat slice after slice and not stop! Of course we’re getting some for Christmas, but don’t doubt that we won’t be getting more to eat through the season.

    Stollen At Pune Baking Co.

    Ah! This German sweet bread with hot tea or coffee is how we’d love to spend winter evenings. It’s stuffed and studded with nuts, candied fruit and has sugar dusted on top, just like snow! It’s usually eaten around Christmas and is often cut instead of cake on Christmas Day.

    Stuffed Spiced Chicken Hash Browns At Sassy Spoon

    The Sassy Spoon

    Koregaon Park, Pune

    You’ve got to eat some sort of chicken in the winter. And if you’re not into cooking at home, step out for one. The Sassy Spoon is serving their hash browns stuffed with spiced chicken spiced with pickled pears. Sounds yum! They’re also pouring warm apple cider. Make sure you get a cup!

    Pull-Apart Monkey Bread At Baraza Bar & Bites

    Why do you think everyone gains weight in winter? The delicious desserts available are to blame. But we’re not going to complain and instead make plans to eat the pull-apart monkey bread which is doused in caramel brandy sauce. This bread goes by many names, but is sticky and super apt for the season.