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2 Jars Of Crunchy & Creamy Peanut Butter

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This pack of two contains:

1 X Jaggery Crunchy
The Jaggery Crunchy Peanut Butter on toast is the perfect start to a busy day. It is protein-packed, which keeps you fuller for longer, and the crunch is extra peanuts ground up and mixed in. We don’t use too much Jaggery so the sweetness is tempered, but if you mix it up with a good jam…yum! That little crunch in every bite makes this a great addition on toast, in cookies or sundaes.
Quantity: 290gm Jar | Ingredients: Peanuts, Jaggery & Salt

1 X Unsweetened Peanut Creamy 
If you like it healthy & intensely peanuty, this one's for you. With 100% roasted peanut goodness, the Unsweetened Creamy is great for the protein-addict. It boasts 10.4g of protein in each 32g serving. You can’t get much better than this as far as post-workout snack goes.
Quantity: 290gm Jar | Ingredients: 100% Peanuts

Total Weight of pack: 580 gms


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Shipping Areas: PAN India


INR 475