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Perfume Bottle With Your Initials

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What You Get: A Personalised Bottle Of Perfume With Your Name On It

Product Description: Get a personalised bottle of fragrance to suit your particular taste by choosing one fragrance from their range of perfumes. You can get your bottle personalised with your name or someone else's. Their experts from France and Spain use the best quality of imported oil to create a blend which is long lasting and extremely pleasant. It's a fragrance curated especially for you!

Fragrances to choose from:

1. Earthy
2. Oriental
3. Leather
4. Woody
5. Aquatic 

1. Fruity 
2. Floral 
3. Vanilla 
4. Oriental 
5. Warm Spicy.
Quantity: 30 ml bottle

About My Perfume Co. : They've been in the perfume manufacturing industry for the past 33 years and MyPerfume is an extension to get to their users and give them their own personal, unique fragrance. Their team has perfumers from France and Spain who create the worlds best perfumes and they would be happy to develop a fragrance of your choice for you.


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Shipping Areas: Pan India


INR 999