Breakfast Essentials

 We know just what   it takes...

 To build the most   important meal of   the day.

 If you're a serial late-   riser... This new-age   ancient grain cereal   has got you!

 And this one's for you   if you're late... But you   need to eat more fruit.

 For the early risers,   may we suggest a   protein-packed   QUINOA upma? 

 Gluten-free oatmeal is   a nice, slow-cooked   breakfast too.

 Are you downing it all   with a turmeric latte?

 Or some fancy,
 fancy coffee?

 If it's the latter,   here's a list of   premium coffees.

 If you've been waiting   for teas to make this   list, of course they did!

 These brands are   where you should be   getting your fill.