We've all thought the world's best chocolates come from Switzerland and Belgium...

But we've also realised that's simply not true. Yay!

Some of the best chocolates come from India, made by #AWESOME homegrown brands.

Luxurious pralines, cookies and more. This brand entices us like no other!


These guys know chocolate's the secret to Happyness.


Got a craving, but living #SugarFree? This one got you


Another luxurious brand we can't resist!


This lovely brand from Dilli has a mean hot chocolate mix, too


Decadent truffles, and exotic flavours, this brand's all the Rage


These FANCY chocolates make for a great gift, too


This brand from Bangalore has yummy berry-infused chocolate bars.


And there are SO many others waiting to be discovered by you.

All you've got
to do is head to LBB!