Free Flow

 Should Own

Earrings Every Boho

Rose drop earrings that can make anyone fall for it at first sight.


A sassy yet elegant earrings that will party-fy your look instantly.


“Go zigzag or go home”- it’s that simple.

 Trendy Treats

Add a playful quirk without any hassle!

The attention to detail is unmatched in these beaded drop ear-rings!

 Abhika Creations

Larger than life with a subtle impression.

 The Tassle Life

Spruce up your basics with some pretty shell and tassels earring.

 Yellow Chidiya

Earrings that make you feel done even if you are just casually dressed up.

 Knot me cute

Add a dash of glamour to your ear party without going over the top.


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