For All Your Outfits
& Occasions

 Modern Earrings

 #2 Ssoul

Handcrafted jewellery with semi- precious stones, agates, druzies, and mother-of-pearl for the soul

 #3 Stac

Watch out for their collection, called Naam, they use 3D printing technology to truly personalise your jewellery.

 #4 The house of            Mitali Jain

For everyone finding contemporary designs with a touch of minimalism

 #5 Ornamaas

Chic culottes, flared kurtas and dupattas for days: shop from here when you're vacationing in India

 #6 My Meera Store

A meticulously handcrafted collection to retain the unique shape and natural shade of the stone while bringing out versatality

 #7 Gyara Accessories

 For all the times you want to step out wearing statement pieces

 #8 Ferosh

Do a little Ferosh with a stunning collection of rings, earrings, and necklaces to anklets and bracelets

 #9 Kairos Trinkets

Exclusive handmade jewellery pieces for all the times you want to leave a lasting impression

 #10 Zero Kaata

 There ain't no zero-ing down on styles that are anything less than sheer excellence