Check Out These Ready To Eat Mixes For Every Time You Feel Lazy

For their muesli, oats poha & more! 

 Calvay Foods

For superr easy to make sharbats


For excellent curry pastes, including this dynamite Goan Chicken cafreal paste

 Tasty Tales

For ready-to-cook mixes which makes cooking Indian meals a few minutes job!

 El The Cook

For the most epiccc chicken chettinad curry paste! 


For one-pot meals, that only require adding hot water

 The Taste Company

For ready to make dal makhani, veg biryani, palak paneer, paneer bhurj & more


For 'maa ke haath ka khana', made by you


For excellent gluten free noodles, pastas & more!

 Pink Harvest

  Bon App├ętit