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best earrings

Lotus painted gold plated jhumkas’ is a timeless stellar.

 Foxiie Trends

Statement making but subtle enough to be flaunted everyday.

 Yellow Chidiya

Delicate drop earrings gives an edge to any look (in a much dreamy way)


Bling your look to the fullest

If mirrors are not flashing in your ears, then you are missing out on something major.

 Zero Kaata

Perk up your Indie outfit with the engraved tribal jhumkas’

 Silvermerc Designs

Such textures are trending like anything, a boldest statement in trend.

 Zero Kaata

The face engraved gold builds an antique vibe, making it a standout ear cuffs!

 Just lil things

The tassel drop earrings are a little less prim and proper.


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