That Make For Perfect Gifts

Sustainable Products

 Home Struck

Ceramics that'll
BOWL them over!

 Bare Necessities

Get these Body Spa essentials
if you love #OnlyOrganic


Light up their hearts with this
gorgeous bamboo lampshade

 Alkimi Living

Or some soy wax candles
to set up a romantic dinner

 Sirohi by Skilled   Samaritan Foundation

This all-natural, cute little
planter has our heart 


For the aesthetic lover, here's
a quirky terracotta light


See your gifts grow into plants!
Plantable stationery for the WIN!

 Kopou Homegrown   Products

This beautifully handcrafted
basket is definitely for keeps!


Made with recycled paper,
and oh, lots of love

If those got your attention, head over to explore some #AWESOME
finds at
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