Hey there,

There’s been a lot brewing at the LBB HQ- and it’s not just our (awesome) coffee.

We started LBB with the mission of making you a traveler in your own city. Why does an Instagram-able moment require a flight or a train-ride?! Why do we use the word ‘boring’ when describing our day-to-day life? And there’s got to be more than just eating out to having a good time.

The thing is, algorithms are often tuned to give you only the most popular places. Search TripAdvisor, JustDial and other listing platforms, and you’ll see that popular doesn’t always mean awesome. Most reviewed doesn’t always mean interesting. And ‘Top Rated’ does not always mean a good time.

The places and things that delight you, the ones you remember, are usually slightly off the radar. They are the ones a friend in the know tells you about, the ones you stumble upon when wandering down an alleyway, the ones a local recommends, and the ones that have a great story. They are the ones that you, our users, know about or find on LBB.

Our roots have always been in finding and picking out the most unique & interesting places, services and events and sharing those with our users. This was back when we had a small blog, when we graduated to a website, and today as we pave our way towards being the definitive local recommendations and discoveries engine.

We’ve been working towards building a platform and product that aligns more closely to our vision. A lot of this meant going back to the first principles- why do we exist, why have we grown, why do our users love us, what don’t our users like about us, what can we do better? 10,000 user conversations, and gallons of coffee later, we’re nothing less than elated to introduce you to an all-new product (and logo!), with the same heart.

Someone once told me that the secret ingredient to a great life is serendipity, surprise and friendship. The ‘new LBB’ captures these ingredients, while extending our continued mission to deliver a platform that collects all the places, services and events that make your every day awesome.

Now, On Our Web & App Platform, You Can

Post What You #FindAwesome
It could be a great sofa your local carpenter made, a café that’s your go-to for work meetings, a bar that serves an epic sangria/old-fashioned, an online store for t-shirts, a pet spa (it’s a thing!), a hidden gem for live music, a laptop repair guy who saves you a lot of money… if it’s awesome, post it to your LBB. It’s as easy as this.

Download our app here to get started.

Find Things To Do, Across Your Interests
We’ve got over 20,000 recommendations waiting for you! You’re looking for a place to get dinner tonight, a spot for custom-made shoes, a caterer for your next get-together, things to do in a new neighbourhood, a weekend getaway that’ll cost you less than 5k- our community of users will have a recommendation for you.

Start searching on our web or app.

Follow Local Taste-Makers & Insiders
Over 3000 people have shared what makes it to their little black book on LBB. Your home feed will reflect posts, saves and reposts of all the people whose opinions matter to you, and people part of the LBB Insiders community. Our users can follow you too! Make sure your profile’s ace, and you post often.

Curate taste-makers on web and app.

(#insertcheesyline) And this is just the beginning.

We could not have grown as much as we have without YOU GUYS AND LADIES making us the most loved platform, a brand to reckon with, and also calling us out when we screwed up. So, THANK YOU. I’ve been working on building my hopes and dreams and vision for LBB since I was 22 years old, and that I still continue to love to do what I do is thanks to you.

Please do keep the feedback coming by writing in to me directly at Suchita.S@lbb.in. Anyone who knows me will tell you that I obsessively read my email- so be rest assured you’ll get a response.

With love from the whole crew at LBB,
Suchita & Dhruv