Less Is More, Less Is Better & Less Is Life-Giving In This Brand's Products!

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What Makes It Awesome

"Keep it simple", "less is more", "quality over quantity" -- These overused phrases seem like they've lost their meaning over time, but in brand's like .Life we see a resurgence not just in appearances, but in a way of living! Conceptualised to elevate everyday lifestyle, this Gurugram-based label celebrates and creates a collection of daily objects rooted in natural materials and handmade processes. They embrace minimalism as a mindset rather than just an aesthetic. In short, .Life supports the direction we are (or should be) headed, a life of sustainability.  

It was their line of ceramics that made us wake up and take notice of this philosophy. Not drawing attention because they're visually loud, but in fact the very opposite. These pieces invoke a sense of calm through their neutral, minimal design and muted earthy tones. Really taking care of end-to-end production, you can tell these are created to be timeless. Inspect closely and you will realise the whole ceramics collection (salad plates to pasta bowls, and glasses to cheese boards) has a flat bottom design (all edges are rounded) to add to that zen-like appeal. Plus every piece has a duality, in the sense it is glazed on the inside but more tactile on the outside (resembles raw, unglazed clay).

Keeping with expanding their mission of good living, .Life has also introduced other natural, products like Beeswax Wood Wick Candles in fragrances of Fresh (lemon & lavender) and Calm (cedarwood & frankincense). These come in ceramic jars and mimic the serene sounds of a fireplace when lit. .Life also has a limited bath and body section of organic Soaps and Shampoo Bars. 


Prices for the bath and body products start at INR 399 while the ceramics are priced north of INR 799. .Life will soon be adding other consciously made products in the category of stationery and healing oils.