Chairs Made Of Tyres, Or A Microfarm - This Home Solutions Brand Does It All!

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What Makes It Awesome

10by10 offers holistic sustainability solutions for your home, whether it’s garden decor made by recycled material or smart solutions for storage space.  Designing everything from whole spaces, to home decor and even urban microfarms (a step up from your kitchen garden if you’d like), 10by10 offers a range of solutions from their rather large umbrella of sustainable ideas. 

Currently, their range of services includes Mi.Farm (either for aesthetics, or for kitchen produce within your space), Fact Box (products made from upcycled and recycled material), Crisp Lab (smart home accessories and furniture), and a social venture focusing on the community called Mi.Circle. Or you could get bits of them all from their 10/10 service. What excites us the most are the first two (because that’s essentially the need of the hour for the most of us). 

Their foodscaping plans will have you eating from your own garden whether you’re living in an apartment or mansion for the most part. They can also do this on a commercial scale if you’re looking for it. The Fact Box projects are all combinations of art and by-products or inorganic waste that are converted to (mostly) garden decor. They do have a basic catalogue of their designs and products, but they will custom design what you require for your space after a consultation.


They can also be consulted for large scale design projects for your office, or if you’re looking for smart (automation based) and sustainability solutions for your home, and will customise it completely to your space. 
Currently they are working on creating smart spaces for the hospital industry (Specifically for quarantining solutions) as well as the hospitality industry. Do check out their website for more info on the same. 


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