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1tspdotin - One of the finest DIY product in the market
Brilliantly packed and packaged with perfect step by step instruction attached along with the box.
It has two days shelf life with a serving capacity of 2-3 people.

I loved cooking this paneer butter masala.

The aroma made me drool and tried the cooking part to complete as fast as possible

Paneer happened to be well marinated and masalas were apt.

Biriyani turned out to be decent with ample Vegetables and was little strong on masala flavour.

The texture of chapatis were soft and pre-rolled, just had to roast it in the tawa.

One more show-stealer was the paneer popcorn which had super crispy outer layer and inner layer filled with paneer. Here and there you get the crunchy bites which were really good and relished completely

Overall, happens to be one of the finest DIY product with pocket-friendly prices which serves a nuclear family.

Do give this a try and have complete satisfaction of cooking it by yourself.


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