Hookah, Burgers And Snooker: This Biker-Themed Highway Cafe On Mysore Road Is Open 24/7

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Yes, it’s open all day long, seven days a week. And they have got hookah, cafe bites, and a pretty good ambience. Road trippers, say hello to RIP Cafe.

All Day, Errday

Okay, first of all, we really need to clear the air around the name. RIP doesn’t stand for the obvious, but rather for Riders Inn Peace. Given the location and the fact that it was started by bikers, you will see why it has such a ‘name’. Anyway, moving on, we did tell you that this cafe was started by bikers, right? Well, you are going to see a lot of motorcycle elements as a part of the cafe’s garage-looking decor. Oh, and plenty {we mean plenty!} of graffiti. There’s a huge mural of the Hulk smashing his way in on the wall outside at the lawn seating. Makes for a really good selfie spot, just like one on the cafe’s outer facade with the letters ‘RIP’ written in a graffiti font. You also have old tires repurposed as stools, a pool table, and picnic tables out in the open making up rest of the space, for that real highway cafe feel. It all adds to the ambience which is pretty chilled out.

Given that there’s sheesha {or hookah} in the house and that it’s open 24/7, you are probably going to find the place always bustling. Stick to the hookah and the pool table and you have got yourself a good time.

'Hookah'ed On A Feeling

Hookah at 3 am? Well, these guys do that. And that’s a good enough reason for you to road trip it here with your squad. Flavours are the usual and the unusual — Vanilla to Pan Rasna and Knight Queen to Orange. Don’t expect too much from the food though. It’s the usual fare of finger food, burgers, and pizzas, paired with a whole lot of heavy duty options such as butter chicken and parathas. But if it’s a quick snack or late night hunger pangs, the menu should quite satisfy either.

So, We Are Thinking...

If you are looking for that pitstop while riding on Bangalore-Mysore highways, this is the one.


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