5 Biker Cafes In Bangalore We Wheelie Love

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There's nothing like being out on the open road, riding a motorcycle to a place you don't even know, just to watch the sun set. And what with it being #WorldMotorcyleDay tomorrow and all, we thought we'd pay a tribute to the places you can go to, to whizz by with your bike, gorge on some munchies and maybe shop for some biking accessories while you're at it!

Moto Store And Cafe

We're fairly certain you can't miss this cafe, thanks to the bright, orange scooter that lies suspended in the air from the balcony. Boost your energy levels here with short eats like Peanut Masala, Chilli Cheese Toast or heavier meals of pizzas, burgers and sandwiches. While you're waiting for your order, make sure to browse through their wall shelves lined with jackets, knee guards, helmets, saddlebags and a whole host of biking accessories!


With a full-fledged garage, a store for biking accessories and a cafe, all rolled into one, Torq92 is a biker's haven. The garage offers services to bikes above 200 CC. Plus, if you want any accessories, be it air fillers or mechanical toolsets, you'll find it here. At their cafe (which is also bike-themed), you can gorge on VFM Chinese, Indian and Continental food. The portion sizes here are huge, which you'll appreciate when you're off on your next road trip!

That Garage Cafe

Remember when you first tried getting on a two-wheeler - a bicycle, perhaps? Even though you've come a long way since then, it's always fun to go back to that time. If you already have nostalgia glasses on, make sure to check out That Garage Cafe. It triples up as a service centre, a cafe and a bike rental space. While it caters more to bicycles than motorbikes it's still a pretty fun space to visit for a bike-themed experience. For one, their spoons and forks look like spanners and other tools. Secondly, you can rent a bicycle, just for kicks. Once you're back, try some of their cafe yummies like Hot Grilled Wings and Ferrero Rocher Shake.

6000 Miles To The Isle Of Man

While it's not exactly a cafe, if you like bikes, then The Isle Of Man should be on your bike list. Not only do they have a chilled-out lounge in town, but they also do meet-ups, events, campouts and long trips outside Bangalore. Think Kerala, Rajasthan, Gujarat, and everyone's favourite, Ladakh. They network with a whole community of bikers, and even organise DIY workshops to help you get to know your bike better. Plus, they have a racing academy just in case you're considering hitting the tracks.

Rasta Cafe

Take a breather from the city life and head to Rasta Cafe for a dose of fresh air and great scenery. Although it's not bike-themed, Rasta Cafe has been the synonym for 'biker cafe' since the beginning of time itself. Apart from their regular line up of pizzas, pasta and burgers, check out their signature creations like steaks, sizzlers, Shepherd’s Pie and Roasted Lamb Chops. In case you're just looking for a quick caffeine fix, there’s plenty in that department too.