Musical Caves & Palace Islands: India's 5 Secret Travel Spots To Blow Your Mind

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Bored of the usual holidays where you check onto a hotel room, hurriedly explore the destination and then get back to reality? Us too! Which is why, we scouted around to find you a few places in South India that will {hopefully} blow your mind. From a secret beach house to infinity pools in the Western Ghats, go forth and holiday!

The Unique Salaulim Dam In Goa

Elusively hidden in south-eastern Goa, the Salaulim dam treads a fine line between being an essential cog in the state’s irrigation and drinking water supply system and a modern-day engineering marvel. So if you are planning a Goa trip, do yourself a favour and add this to your itinerary.

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The dam is still closed due to Covid-19 protocol, but you can however, drive past it and enjoy the view. Plus, there is a lovely garden below it that you can enjoy. 

Live At On An Island At The Bolgatty Palace

No, we are not joking. About half an hour from Kochi, Bolgatty Palace & Island Resort is a perfect getaway to live life, literally, king size! The main palace is on a island with means you’re cut off from the rest of the world. With four suites in the palace to choose from, don’t forget to check out the lakefront cottages too. The other side of the island opens out onto the marina where you can watch fancy boats and yachts bob by. Sign up for a game of golf, or hit the massive swimming pool before you settle in for a royal meal at the dining area and lounge. And the best part? It costs only INR 13,000 for two per night for the suite.

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Infinity Pools And Coffee Estates At Villa Urvinkhan

A luxury homestay hidden in the Western Ghats, Villa Urvinkhan is ideal if you’re looking for a quick but adventurous getaway. They have All Terrain Vehicles so you can explore the 200-year-old property on it, or if you like hiking, then just pick a path and set off. That said, you can even go here to just sip on coffee and enjoy the majestic views as the property is set on a cliff face. But the best aspect of this place is the infinity pool that overlooks the hills and valley — sunsets and sunrises are practically perfect. Couples, check this out now, and thank us later!

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Beach House On Kaup Beach

Had enough of Goa and Karnataka’s crowded, we’ve got a secret spot on the Kaup Beach, near Mangalore which you can’t tell anyone! Called The Blue Matsya, this self-catering beach bungalow gives you Mediterannean vibes with its blue and white colour scheme. It’s located smack on the beach, so you can practically roll into the Arabian Sea when you wake up! We like that there’s hardly any other people on this part of the shoreline, so you can easily pretend the space is just for you. The living room opens onto a verandah, which in turn opens onto the beach, so either lounge there. Or take a beer, a barbecue grill, set up on the beach and soak in the sun, sand and sea.

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Check Out These Musical Caves Near Anantpur

Just five hours away from Bangalore in the Anantpur disctrict of Andhra Pradesh, the Belum caves are a sight to behold. Discovers over 150 years ago, the maze of black limestone caves don’t just give you a natural labyrinth to navigate but they’re also musical! One of the caves, in your 1.5km path, make sure to visit the Saptasvarala cave which lets out musical notes when tapped. If you’re good enough at percussion instruments, you could happily play a tune.

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