This Microbrewery With Charming & Rustic Vibes Serves Delicious Food

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What Makes It Awesome?

They say never judge a book by its cover and La Casa is an example which substantiates it. While I was driving to this restaurant honestly speaking never thought there would be a brewery which is so intimidating and amazing. It is the only brewery where I have seen a play area like slides etc for children.

The ambience is nothing short of magnificent. It's a brewery established inside a garden. It is surrounded by trees and plants and gives a nice feeling while consuming food amid nature. The seatings are pretty good as well. The restaurant has the grace of natural light and is surely one of the best restaurants at sarjapura road.

The service at the restaurant is simply superb. Two people notably Satish, the bartender was always ready to show his magic at the bar section. Suleiman was another person who helped us with the food and all the service. Communication is a no problem since the crew members are very good at English and Kannada as well.

What did I eat?
Curry leaf chicken: The curry leaf Chicken was good, this starter had a good amount of gravy. The interesting part about this is that they had a generous amount of curry leaves in them. The aroma of the curry leaves with chicken was simply superb.

Coorg pork fry: This was truly an authentic Coorg pork fry. It was prepared exceedingly well. The masala and all the spices were well mixed with pork. The meat too was very soft. The hard layer of the pork seemed to be soft and chewable.

Pinwheel nachos: The presentation of this was simply amazing. The nachos were very crunchy. They were well-assorted with cheese and veggies all over.

Belgium style pork racks: The pork racks were simply soft and mouth-watering stuff. The pork ribs were nicely coated with the rich sauce. The pork was cooked well, they were soft and very juicy too. Presentation of it too needs appreciation.

Fish steaks with caper sauce: Loved every bit of this. The plate was well organized with veggies, mashed potatoes and the fish steak which had the sour caper sauce on top of it.

Chocolate cheesecake: The chocolate cheesecake looked amazing it reminded me of the layers of the earth which I had studied during my school days. The cheesecake had four layers of chocolate, cheese and other flavours which tasted good.

Canadian Nanaimo: This was my favourite of all the desserts. This Canadian origin bar dessert was filled with sweet mustard cream which was sandwiched with thick chocolate. The sweet mustard paste was tasty and so was the chocolate. The complete package tasted amazing.

Skyr: The skyr had a lot of dairy products in them such as yogurt, milk, and cheese. There was a nice cherry which was placed on top of it.

White pasta: The white sauce pasta tasted good, it had a good amount of sauce and cheese in them. The garlic bread too tasted good.

How Much Did It Cost?

₹1,000 - ₹3,000

Best To Go With?

Family, Big Group, Bae