Crafted Beers Inside The Garden? Drop By This Stunning Brewery In Koramangala

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What Makes It Awesome?

Biergarten is a place where they prepare crafted beers in a garden to serve their customers. It was on a weekday when I paid a visit to this place to catch the live action of my favourite football club Bengaluru FC and I was mesmerised with their stunning ambience which is a combination of nature and urban architecture.

The ambience of this place is simply stunning, they provide service in more than two floors. I loved their comfortable decor and classic ambience. The lightings are pretty good they are dim but provide a pleasant experience. They can accommodate over 100pax pretty easily.

The service at the restaurant is good, they are well trained and courteous.

What did I eat?
Pomegranita: It was a mocktail which was a nice mixture of fruits such as pomegranate, passion fruit syrup, mint and lime juice in them. They tasted good.

Coorgi Chicken wings: The Coorgi wings were tasted perfectly like an authentic Coorgi starter. It was well garnished with curry leaves and fried green chillies. They were spicy and greasy.

Fish kurkere: Well slit pieces mixed with the mayo and chaat masala. It was soft and tasted yum.

Guishao chilli chicken: It was a special type of chilli chicken, the Guishao was well mixed with Sichuan pepper and chilli sauce. They were spicy.

Char sin bao: I fell in love with it. The presentation and preparation may look simple but the pork-filled in the steam buns simply tasted amazing. It was a good combination of spices in the pork.

Lal Maas tacos: Another mouth-watering non-veg starter. It was a nice combination of soft mutton, garlic cream and pickled shallots and scallions. They were a little bit on the spicier side yet tasted wow.

Tandoori chicken momos: These momos were as big as the white leather ball which are used in cricket. The steamed momos were well stuffed with minced chicken. They were served with mint chutney and mayo.

Bailey's cheesecake: The Bailey's cheesecake was simple yet outstanding. I loved their presentation which was top notch. It was a nice mixture of coffee liqueur, but crunch and Italian meringue.

Belgian chocolate cake: It was a mixture of chocolate, blueberry mousse along with creamy chocolate layer. It tasted good.

All in all, I had a wonderful time at this place. The only disappointing stuff was that the football team I was supporting lost the match. Biergarten is a place you need to head for their amazing food and lovely ambience. They have wonderful crafted beers brewed. This is a place you need to head on a weekend.

Recommended food: Lal Maas tacos, char sin bao, Guishao chilli chicken, fish kurkere, Bailey's cheesecake, Coorgi Chicken wings.

How Much Did It Cost?

₹1,000 - ₹3,000

Best To Go With?

Family, Big Group, Bae