Ten-second takeaway 

A Brief History of Your Hair debuts in the city, presenting a bunch of entertaining stories, all revolving around everybody’s crowning glory.

Hair apparent

Coming from a Sikh family, city-based director, Deepika Arwind always found hair an interesting subject. And, in her new play, A Brief History of Your Hair she decided to make it the mane attraction. A compilation of personal stories about hair, the play also involves a fantastical take on these tales. Supported by India Foundation for the Arts, The New Voices Arts Project and LshVa Studio, the play is all set to open in the city with shows across three venues.

Hair-raising tales

Blending movement and live music, A Brief History of Your Hair is funny in parts but not entirely so, says Deepika. But, what you can expect is interesting stories with an intimate feel to them. Scenes like the one in which a mother narrates an engaging tale while combing and oiling her daughter’s tresses might connect to you instantly just as much as other instances, like a young girl learning about pubic hair. Simple stories with a level of drama, this one’s promises to be entertaining.

Where: LshVa Dance Studio, 633, 3rd Block Koramangala

When: Friday-Sunday, April 1-3, 6.30pm

Price: INR 200

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Featured image via:  Sudeep Bhattacharya Photography