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What Makes It Awesome

I decided to catch-up with my foodie friends over lunch and we ended up in Hoppipola at the Church Street.

First things first, the wide open space with beautiful stained glass on the ceiling there is just perfect, bright and airy. It does get a bit hot but we kept our cool with the choicest of drinks on offer.

The place churns us some awesome mocktails and cocktails, with quite a few that became my favourite. Their Thai Smash is a must-try. It has an infusion of kaffir lime, just right for that warm Bangalore noon. The birdcage was another wonderfully made drink with infusions from melons, kiwi and pineapple.

For starters, the jalapeño cheese bombs kicked off our palate on what’s to come and what more to expect. The oozy cheese inside made quite an explosion in our taste buds.

The Maggie Missiles was a very innovative try on trying to pack cheesy Maggi in a thin crispy covering. It worked on the innovation perspective but needs a little more cheese for it to work from a taste perspective.

We also tried their Cottage Cheese Trilogy which was a super delicious Chinese Chilli Paneer. It was extremely well made with three colours peppers to justify not just the name, but to provide a proper balance of flavour and colour.

The Tandoori Paneer Tikka was equally delicious, but I missed experiencing a little extra smokiness from the Tandoor.

A little bit of Mexican madness was added by the Quesadilla Tower, that I enjoyed. The dish was presentable and was a pile of beautifully sliced quesadillas that made a tower, with some added twist of sour cream & chopped peppers on top of it.

For the mains, we had the rich creamy mushroom pasta, and masala pizza. The pasta was decent, nice and creamy, though I would have loved that big punch from those mushrooms, they were mild & a little disappointing.

The masala pizza was a shocker, with every slice spiked up with a few green chilli bits keeping the masala quotient at par.

We also tried a few wonderful desserts. Their Mango Pannacotta was perfect with strong mango flavours, fluid, jelly-like consistency. It was absolutely delightful. Even their Kulfi Pannacotta was mild and good but lacked a strong punch that it deserves. It is a great place to catch-up with friends over some wonderful food and drinks.

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