A Good Option For All Vegetarian For Japanese & Korean Cuisines

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What Makes It Awesome?

Another Amazing Pan-Asian place, Taiki in Indiranagar is serving Japanese and Korean cuisines without disappointing Vegetarians too. From Warm teas to Bingsu I loved everything I tried here.

Started with a special warm, sweet being it's after taste, Chilli Tea and paired with Crispy Lotus stem and Crispy Cup Tofu which was a show stopper - Tofu Water chestnuts are sautéed in Mild Tamarind sauce and served in very Delicate Thin Crisp Open Wanton cups - MUST TRY
After this, I was super excited to explore the menu and Philadelphia Maki caught my attention and it was again superb with Some Cheese and Avocado which is very good again.

How can we not try Gyozas ( Dumplings) being in Pan Asian Restaurant, so tried mix and match of Pan-fried Silken and Tofu and Steamed Exotic Mushroom Gyozas and frankly I loved Pan-fried more than the steamed ones with that Asian Aroma - Good.

I could not stop sipping tea and this time I chose the fermented Pu Erh which was refreshing and Earthy while enjoying
Yaki Soba - Wow
Then came the Yummy famous Asian delicacy, Laksa - A Bowl of Rice noodle & vegetables in Coconut stew - Wow

And finally, here come the desserts
Dates and Cigar Roll with Ice Cream & Korean Classic Litchi Bingsu.
Overall, it was a great Pan Asian experience.

How Much Did It Cost?

₹1,000 - ₹3,000

Best To Go With?

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