All Things Fancy: Drop By 1522 For Their Yum Cocktails & Appetizers!

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What Makes It Awesome?

1522 - The Pub: Fancy cocktails and great starters perfect place for all your partying or hanging out with friends I tried out these following things

* Veg platter: Get everything you wanna try in a single plate and try out their amazing starters in one platter
* Fried corns: Crispy and tasty corn that's fried until they are golden brown and served
* Jalapeno cheese balls: CHEESYYY inside and crisp layer outside the blast of the cheese in your mouth that you will love every bite of it
* Gajar ka halwa and custard: These desserts are lovely and authentic in its original sense which is how any dessert is to be served
All in all a great experience

How Much Did It Cost?

โ‚น1,000 - โ‚น3,000

Best To Go With?

Big Group, Family, Bae, Kids.

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