A One Stop Destination For All Vegetarians In The City!

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What Makes It Awesome?

Located in the buzzing streets of Indiranagar there is this place called Street storyss, the one-stop destination for vegetarian food lovers. The restaurant flagged off recently and has become the center force of attraction for all foodies.

Recently, I and a few friends of mine visited this place for dinner and the food did not disappoint me at all. The interior was kept so simple but was best !!! The furnishing was so well planned and placed. The staffs were very friendly and helped us out in all the ways. The cutlery used was so nice and unique !!!

Now let's dive into the beverages that we ordered and then continue with food & dessert,

1. Nimbu pani with pomegranate topped with mint - well made & balanced.
rating - 4/5

2. kokum masala - concentrated kokum syrup well mixed with thumps up, the glass rim was dusted with chilli so the taste gets well infused and one cane feel the kokum taste at the same time
rating: 5/5

3. Orange and kaffir lime cooler - not a fan of kaffir but the blending of kaffir with lime made it well balanced and soothing
rating - 4/5

4. Mango chilli & coconut creamed - The infusion of mango and chilli was a bit strong to the palate and a bit of coconut flavour was missing. But still, had it for the first time and was good
rating - 4/5

5. Tom yum soup - The soup was well prepared and the vegetables were well cooked and aroma was so soothing and tempting, could have reduced the usage of lemongrass since it was occupying the entire favour of the soup and
rating - 4/5

6. Shikanji paneer - This was my all favourite dish I loved , the paneer was cooked to perfection and we ordered two plates. the paneer was so soft and succulent.
rating 5/5

7. Avacado mousse with papdi chat - Loved this one too the papdi was crispy and the topping of avocado mousse and vegetables took it to a next level
rating 5/5

8. Mango & Raw papaya salad (Som tam) - very finely chopped Mango and raw papaya with other sour fruits and vegetables mixed with tamarind sauce was a perfect dish for our palates.
rating 4.5/5

9. Rose gulkand kheer - This dessert was the ultimate show stopper and it won our hearts. Thick rose milk mixed with rice a gulkand at the base !!! lovely this was
rating 5/5

what could have been better,
1. The fafda topped with apple chutney made fafda so soft and it almost lost its crispness, they could have given the chutney as a separate dip
2. Dim Sum was a bit over fried and the stuffing inside was not enough
3. Khao suey was not well blended with the noodles and the coconut oil was still raw and not cooked.

Overall, the place has many other wonderful dishes which we all should try and relish. I will surely visit the restaurant again with my family.

How Much Did It Cost?

₹500 - ₹1,000

Best To Go With?

Family, Big Group, Bae, Kids