A Fan Of Grilled Food? This Outlet In Koramangala Is All You Need On Cold Evenings

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What Makes It Awesome?

If you are a grilled food lover then you should try this place out. Grill Daddy is a small and cosy cafe which offers some amazing grill food.

To start with the drinks, I had their Lemongrass Ice tea and Coffee Lovers Protein Shake. The Ice tea was very refreshing wherein you have the option of choosing either Jaggery and Sugar. I went for Jaggery and the drink really tasted good with the flavour of Lemongrass. Coffee Lovers Protein Shake was good. It tasted very light with less cream and the sweetness was perfect to my taste.

Now the time for food. We tried,
* The Grilled Stuffed Mushrooms: It was a very simple but tasty dish. Mushrooms stuffed with vegetables and cheese. A very pretty looking dish too.
* The Pinwheel Chicken: It was something very interesting. It is small little bites. The chicken was stuffed with paneer and cheese and then presented in small bites portion. Served with a very creamy and spicy sauce. More like a butter chicken sauce. Taste-wise was very good.
* Grilled Spicy Pineapple: was served with Chickpea Salad. The Pineapple was tangy and spicy, leaves a good taste on your tongue. The Salad was okayish.
* Thai Grilled Chicken Satay: was grilled chicken served in Skewers with Peanut Dip. The dip was amazing. One of the best I have had.
* Grilled Fish with Lemon Butter Sauce: This dish was my favourite. The fish was succulent and tasted really nice. It just melts into your mouth. The Lemon butter sauce was add on. It was creamy and a treat to your tongue. Served with Herbed Rice which tasted good.
* Grilled and Creamy Chicken Breast: Chicken Strips and mushrooms cooked in a barbeque sauce. Taste-wise it was good. The garlic bread served with it was nice. A good portion for one person.
* Also, we had homemade Hummus with Pita. The Humus was really very creamy and went well with the Pita.
* The Garlic bread was simple but tasted good.
* Mushy Mushroom Pizza had a very good topping with a good amount of cheese. But, the thin crust was a little Crunchy.
* Brownie with Vanilla ice cream was Okayish. I really liked the ice cream as it was not that sweet.

Very cordial staff and the ambience was cosy. It's a new place and you should definitely try it.

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