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This Restaurant In Banashankari Serves Nutritious food With Right Calories

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What Makes It Awesome?

Ahh! One place where taste meets health. Nutritious food with right calories. They would not use Maida or sugar here. It's palm sugar and whole wheat. Beautifully conceptualized menu with amazing service.

One can begin with a Mushroom Cappuccino, where it's a Mushroom soup with four types of Mushrooms and herbs, it has more of a Shitake flavour. Zucchini soup is something interesting which one cannot miss. After the soup, we get to the toast. I was mesmerized with fresh whole wheat bread and Hummus. The hummus was one of the best I've had in town. Mushroom Hummus toast is one dish which was close to heart, fresh button mushrooms chopped and spread on the fresh hummus. Chicken Hummus toast is a version of the earlier mushroom toast but with Chicken. When one tried to recollect the Royyala nallakaram, it is mouthwatering again, simply superb prawn tossed with black pepper at the right time with right temperatures. Shrimp cocktail and chickpea cocktail is again a balanced appetizer. How about baked potatoes which are spiced up with red chillies and herbs, perfect for the winter isn't it or anytime.

Now, there is this the concept of Balanced plate in just one plate. The first one is the most yum Khichdi, which I bet had Paanch phoran along with palak. The best I've had served with loads of raw veggies, here the lentils take care of proteins, millets take care of carbs, ghee takes fat, veggies give minerals.

Similar way, you find green eggs which are egg whites coated with pesto and served with baked potatoes and grilled vegetables. Meat lovers would love the Chicken Thai Curry, authentic and tasty. Steamed Chicken with Shitake mushrooms just looks awesome, chicken is soft with a peppery note. Habanero grilled chicken was my favourite for the perfect spice and the pesto pasta with it. The grilled veggies accompany every dish. The star of the day was The English Roast Chicken where a whole chicken is baked for two hours, marinated with spices and served with mushrooms and baked potatoes. This is very Christmasy.

For Desserts, we have had the best brownies ever. Maida free, there is orange cheesecake, coffee, raspberry and double chocolate. My pick was the coffee and loved it. Speaking of Coffee, here we find pure Arabica coffee, where even the Cappuccino would give you a kick of filter coffee. Cheers to an excellent coffee.

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