A Paradise For All Vegetarians Out There!

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What Makes It Awesome?

Malleshwaram, a place which is known for its traditional temples and big malls and one of the shopping hubs in Bengaluru. I recently went to Swad Anusaar, a pure vegetarian restaurant which provides authentic vegetarian food in multiple cuisines. The ambience of the restaurant is pretty good, it is small yet very well lit up and nice cosy furniture to support them. Service at the restaurant is pretty good, the staffs are trained well and very courteous. Language won't be a problem. There are crew members who know the local language as well

Food, What I ate?
-Papad Churi: Crushed papads mixed well with ghee and a little bit of chilli powder. The Papad churi tasted good. They can easily be considered for a quick snack.
-Masala Khichiya Papad: Another crunchy Papad which had nice garnishing of vegetables above the surface of the Papad.
-Badashahi Khumb: It was a nice mushroom starter. The mushrooms were well covered with masala all over and a piece of capsicum to cover them. They were juicy and perhaps the best one to order.
-Diwani Veg Handi: Diwani veg handi was a delicious curry which had a mix of paneer, beans, carrots and other vegetables. The curry was soft and creamy and tasted amazing with the cheese naan. The cheese naan was loaded with cheese and they went well with the Diwani veg handi.
-Dates Treasure With Ice cream: It was a simple dessert with a simple presentation at a great price. A scoop of ice cream with date fillings around them and chocolate syrup floored on the surface. They tasted pretty good.

All in all Swad Anusaar is a small place but provides varieties of dishes from morning breakfast starting with dose to end your dinner with an Italian pizza. They also serve Jain food and varieties of Sizzlers too.

Recommended food: Papad Churi, Badashahi Khumb, Diwani Veg Handi, Dates treasure with ice cream

How Much Did It Cost?

₹500 - ₹1,000

Best To Go With?

Family, Big Group, Kids