Skip The Samosas, Dosas And Chaat Because A2B Now Has A Legit Keto Menu

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If you thought loading up on food at the popular South Indian fast food chain A2B was all about the wrong calories, think again. Hopping the health (hipster) band wagon, you can now officially get Keto options at the restaurants. While we're not sure which restaurants it is at yet, we know it's all kicked off in Chennai for sure. And with plenty of outlets across Bangalore, Delhi, Hyderabad and the rest of Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh, we're hoping it'll come to us soon too!

From pan-fried Paneer Tikka and a modified Paneer Idly (Paati will not be pleased!) to Pongal made from grated cauliflower, they're really embracing the Keto diet. True to the brand's South Indian roots, there will be plenty of "rice" options. Cauliflower replaces the actual grain, but expect Lemon, Tomato, Curd, Sambhar, Mint, and all your favourite baths to have a Keto version. 

Did we mention there's a Keto Payasam too? It's made from coconut and almond milk with dried fruits! Yup, now Paati is truly stressing, but we're all glad to have these options. Or are we?

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