Biryani Freaks! Head To This Andhra Restaurant For A Whopping 16 Varieties Of The Dish

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Butter Chicken, Mutton Keema, Aachar Chicken — these are just three out of the 16 varieties of biryani available at Aaha Andhra. Plus, you can grab a plate for as little as 150 bucks .

Biryani Binge

Usually, restaurants list five or six kinds of biryani on their menu. But Aaha Andhra {that just opened in Indiranagar a month or so ago and has branches at Manyata Tech Park and Bellandur} believes in going big. So, you have a whopping 16 kinds of biryani {plus plain biryani rice} on offer here.

Among the chicken variety, the Hyderabad Boneless Chicken Biryani along with the ones made with chicken joints, fried pieces, and Butter Chicken are popular. Mutton lovers can dig into Mutton Keema, fried piece, and Hyderabadi versions. While those of you who like things fishy can opt for prawn and fish biryanis. The rest of the menu has a few egg and vegetarian offerings. Don’t forget that this is an Andhra restaurant, so keep those tissues handy.

What Else?

Well, if you don’t count yourself as a biryani lover, there’s plenty more you can choose from. For a quick bite, there are crispy dosas. You can also choose from their North Indian fare — curries paired with kulchas or rotis. They also have filling, no-frill meals perfect for a working day lunch.


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