We Found A Diagon Alley Full of Treasures Right Here On St John's Church Road

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What Makes It Awesome

Unassuming from the outside, you’d never guess the treasures that lie within Accurate Demolishers. Besides, the name isn’t a dead giveaway for a furniture shop either. But, curious as we are, the gorgeous iron garden chairs and horse statue outside is what invited us in for a closer look. And the things we found! Chairs of all kinds (director’s chairs, Parsons, rocking chairs and Chaise Lounges), antique chandelier lights, decorative painted plates, old London-style streetlights, vintage radios and clocks, doors, showpieces, and honestly, way too many things to talk about. The store is owned by M. Liyaqath. 

There are some things in Accurate Demolishers that we’ve never seen anywhere else. There was a huge wrought iron safe from Mysore Government Bank that was intricately detailed, although the staff wasn’t sure exactly how old it was. The coolest thing we found was a baby trolley that looked like it was straight out of a 1940s Hollywood film. I was also battling with myself to buy a white rotary dial telephone with a pretty, ornate floral dial. There’s so much to see at this store and you could spend hours just browsing through their stuff. Head to Accurate Demolishers and you’ll be dreaming of redoing your interiors for days! You'll even find things old old cameras, vintage plates, statuettes, and busts (we spotted one similar to Cleopatra). 


A lot of the things are pretty expensive because they’re really rare antiques so if you’re a collector, you’ll love this place. If not, just go for a visit – it really is like a museum!


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