Stock Up On Cutlery, Cookware And Bakeware Of Every Kind At This Shivajinagar Store

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What Makes It Awesome

As you approach Richard’s Square, in the busy Shivajinagar area, you’ll see Adam’s board. You’ll also notice the oldness of the lengthy, beige building and a stone plaque that reads ‘Richards Square 1912.’ Yes, that’s how long ago the store was established. And through the years, Adam’s has been the go-to store for cookware, glassware, crockery, and cutlery for generations of Bangaloreans. 

Every inch at Adam’s is stacked to the brim. On one section of shelves,  you’ll see cartons with everything from coffee makers to blenders, toasters and cake mixers. In another, you’ll see delicate crockery displayed. Go further in, and you can pick from a collection of glass mason jars in all sizes, and tinted glass bottles. If you love ceramic ware, a column of shelves displays pristine white butter trays, platters, jugs and ramekins.

Make your way up the stairs and a whole world of steelware unfolds. There’s a whole wall dedicated to the shiniest spoons, ladles and other cutlery. There are cooking pots small enough to make just a packet of instant noodles and others large enough to boil you whole (Adam’s supplies to some of the best known F&B establishments in town – from the Ritz Carlton to Chai Point). There’s plenty for the baker in you, here as well, from pie tins to dessert rings, cupcake trays and loaf pans.


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