Idli, Upma, Ragi Dosa : Make Them Instantly With These Mixes

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What Makes It Awesome

There's no food like home food and Adukale a condiments brand knows that all too well. Located in Gandhi Bazaar, the store's setup is simple with a wall stacked with spices, condiments, instant mixes and snacks, a mini performance space, and a snack bar of sorts. Everything available is from Sanketi Cuisine (which has a elements of flavours from Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, and Andhra Pradesh) so expect some comfort food flavours, as well as twists to familiar tastes if you’re a South Indian. 

When we say experience centre, we mean that everything on display can be tasted. Snacks (like kodbale, boodhi, nippat, mixture, maddur vada, and kai holige among others) can be happily sampled from old school glass jars kept in the middle of the store for this purpose. Masalas, instant mixes (many types of dosa and upma, vangi baht, gojjavalakki) and powders (including an impressive number of chutney pudi, including specifically for idli!) are also available to try, but as they are intended to be consumed. For instance, they will actually make tasting portions of the upma, or dosa, or rasam for you to try. If you like it (which we know you will, because they taste exactly like your mum makes it), then you can pick up a pack, or many. With prices starting at INR 50, and going up to the very reasonable INR 110, you won’t leave with just one thing!

What Could Be Better

All their packaging is plastic, no matter the product you pick up. So if you’re making regular trips, prepare for lots of plastic bags at home. 


They conduct periodic cultural events hosting classical musicians, poets, and speakers  in both their outlets (Malleshwaram, and Gandhi Bazaar), so stay tuned to their social media pages if you’re interested. 


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