Rafting To Kayaking: You Need To Add Dandeli To Your Next Adventure Trip

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What Makes It Awsome

Made up of lush forests, thrilling waterways, and plenty of wildlife – Dandeli is a land of adventure. If you are looking for heart-stopping action on your next weekend getaway, then, Dandeli is the place, especially after a great monsoon (which we thankfully have had this year). 

White Water Rafting: The rushing, gushing River Kali marked by jagged rocks and exciting rapids is one of the best locations for white water rafting south of the Vindhyas. Local adventure outfits, in Dandeli, usually offer early morning and afternoon experiences for about INR 1,400 per person. Open to both the novices and the pros, the grade 2 and 3 rapids takes you on a wild ride through the curves and bends of the river.

Kayaking: Sail through the waters of the River Kali on a canoe. As you glide along, you can take in the scenic views that the forests afford. You can also make your way to the spot where the waters meet the reservoir. From here, you get a bird’s eye view of the surrounding islands. Some of the waterways along the river might be tricky to navigate so it is best that you know swimming and do listen to your instructor!

Mountain Biking: Rough it out in the jungles of Dandeli atop a mountain bike. Home to exotic wildlife, the rough trails of the jungles offer excitement and a thorough workout for your glutes. If you love mountain biking and want to test out and improve your manoeuvring skills then this guided experience is just for you.

Trekking: Mountains, rivers, caves, wilderness, and valleys come together to make Dandeli a trekker’s delight. If you are a newbie, the Kavala Caves, which sit just outside Dandeli and are made of limestone, are worth an exploration. For those of you who have garnered plenty of trekking miles on your pedometer, the Kulgi-Nagzari Valley and the Potoli-Shiroli treks offer plenty of challenges. However, do check in with your local resort or operator to ensure the trekking trails are open during your trip.

Canyoning: The ultimate experience, canyoning combines hiking, rappelling, and climbing. In Dandeli, you can make your way through deep gorges as streams of gushing water drench you from head to toe. Canyoning is not for the faint-hearted or, well, the novices so make sure you are confident about your skills before signing on the dotted line. 


Pick a rain-free season and sign up for the whole bouquet of adventure activities Dandeli has to offer.


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