Brocades, Fancy Fabrics Or Synthetic Prints: This Comm Street Store Will Get You Shaadi Ready

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Bling it on for the next big event on your social calendar with fabrics from AK Silks & Cottons on Commercial Street. Prices start at INR 50 per metre.

What Makes It Awesome

Close to the House of Vashi, AK Silks & Cottons is a basement store that specialises in synthetics and fancy fabrics. What we like about the store is that unlike Silver Plaza, that sells similar fabrics, you can walk through the store and leisurely browse through the shelves to pick up what you like. It’s also perfect for when you are looking for grand or heavily embellished fabrics for a shaadi or social event where you are required to dress to the nines. If you are going for an understated yet chic look, then, check out their stacks of brocade. You can get golds and whites with delicate prints or the bright pinks, blues, and reds that come with bolder motifs like coin buttas and elegant vines.

The rest of the store space is taken up bolts of embellished fabrics. We spotted raw silks in rani pinks with delicate, gold sequin work. There’s also netted fabrics with OTT embroidery work. These will be perfect if you are looking to make lehengas or shararas. The fancier fabrics start at INR 300 and go up to INR 3,000. If you are looking for everyday wear, you can pick up no-frill synthetics that have out-of-the-box prints like bicycles or scissors. The budget friendly fabrics start at INR 50.

What Could Better

The name of the store might say 'Cottons' but they sell no cottons here! 

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