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Focussing on the mental and spiritual aspect of yoga, at Akshar Power Yoga Academy, the physical benefits are just a blessing that comes with it. You’ll learn the lifestyle here, not the fad.

Going Back To Tradition

Having been to quite a few yoga lessons in the city, in all honesty, I was expecting another ‘commercial’ yoga class that just gets you to do innumerable suryanamaskars — technique or no technique. So, off I went to the Akshar Power Yoga Academy, confident of my limited yoga skills. But how far from the truth I was, only my sore legs and deflated ego knows!

With the knowledge of a man who’s lived a 1,000 years, it’s hard to believe that Grand Master Akshar {he has renounced his real name}, the founder of the academy, is in his 30s. Called the Himalayan Yogi, he’s all about teaching you the correct technique and the spiritual aspects — physical aspects and fitness are automatic by-products. And the Grand Master himself was leading the class. On came some hypnotic chants and the class began with relaxation on the mat. So far, so good.

Hold That Pose

Then came the real deal — asanas, that too the traditional methods on holding each pose, not just whizzing past to reach a number. Even just holding a toe-touch is hard work. Downward Dog {Adho Mukha Shvanasana}, Upward Facing Dog {Urdhva Mukha Svanasana}, Boat Pose {Paripurna Navasana} and the regular plank pose was not a real threat but since you hold each pose to the count of at least 10, you really start to feel the effects.

By the time Staff Poses {Chaturanga Dandasana} and Suryanamaskars came along, I was beginning to lose balance, as the muscles were drained. Thanks to my flexibility, some poses came easier, while others were a disaster! So much for gym workouts. But through the class, what I most appreciated, is that Grand Master will show you the technique a few times, then walk briskly through the room, stopping and perfecting each person’s stance. And if you’re lagging, then all he asks of you is ‘abhyas’ which means practice.

Practice Makes Perfect

After failing, but trying still, at a few sequences, I was glad for the Pranayam section. That said, it’s rather hard to just shut out unnecessary thoughts and focus on the positives of life – more abhyas, I reckon! At the end of the class, with advice from Grand Master to do Pranayam, because that is the core of yoga, I left feeling energised, supple if a bit sore, and certainly more positive.

So We’re Thinking…

If you want to strengthen the mind, spirit and body, the meticulous and traditional way, then sign-up for holistic classes at this academy. For a quick fix, you best try your luck elsewhere.

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