Ten-Second Takeaway

Many were mourning the fact that MM Road has shut its roads this year to the stalls that usually sell Iftar treats. There are a few who still managed to open their stalls within the restaurant premises, but it doesn’t feel the same. So here is the good news: why not set a date with one special restaurant that will set you up with a fabulous Iftar meal.  This is where you come to Ali Baba restaurant on MM road.

Must Eat

This is not a place where you can just land up and eat, you need to call the owner Shaad Hassan Damudi, a day in earlier as he only works on advance notice. Another word of advice — starve yourself! You will find yourself having a battle with your stomach, trying to cram in all the delicious food you are offered.

You begin the meal with customary dates and with a Shorba Harira, a nourishing chickpeas and chicken soup along with vermicelli, served during Ramzan. Shaad then served us a Persian Lemonade. I can safely say that it is the best I have tasted in a long time. A combination of lemon, mint, basil seed and a hint of rosewater made this drink very refreshing. A huge plate {and I mean huge} plate of Maqlooba Lahm, an Arabian style upside-down biryani arrived, comprising a gravy of vegetables and fall-off-the-bone mutton to be eaten from the same plate. Shaad asked us to have this with Tabloueh, the traditional parsley and broken wheat salad, it actually elevated the flavours of the biryani.

Flaky, homemade chicken samosas followed and we were served the Bhatkal version of French toast known as BaFaqqui Parotha, fried bread with a eggs, nuts and poppy seeds. A very interesting take, I must say. Masala Gudio was also another Bhatkal special served but it was similar to the crepe parcel you get on the street. Following this was an assortment of kebabs: Joojeh Kebab, Shish Taouk and chicken wings.

The meal ended on a sweet note with an agar and tender coconut pudding known as Shaala China Grass. Remember all those Japanese Raindrop cakes everyone has been going gaga over these days? Tell those folks to keep calm and head to Ali Baba instead. It looked exactly like the water cake with ribbons of tender coconut and was delicately sweet. We finished our meal here with Moroccan mint tea to end the meal to give our heaving stomachs some rest.

Must Drink

The fabulous Persian Lemonade, I bet you haven’t tasted anything like it.

Who Is It For

People with big appetites, if you come in a  large  group, there will be many more dishes. This place is for people who love homely flavours as some of the dishes he gets it made at home. Please note you need call in advance. This would not be available post Ramzan.

What Didn’t Impress Us 

The only bit would be the Moroccan tea was a wee bit too sweet for our liking. But I am told that is how it is.


Go in a group and be open to flavours given to you, Don’t you dare ask if the dishes could spicier, these are subtle flavours.

Where: No 69, 1st Floor, MM Road, Frazer Town

When: Only available during Ramzan. A day’s advance notice needs to be given

Price: INR 750 per person upwards

Contact: Call Shaad at +91 9880896634

Timings: 6.30pm onwards.

Check out their website here.

Featured photo: Saina Jayapal