Red Velvet Pancakes To Cake Shakes: This Indiranagar's Cafe Does All-Day Breakfast Too



    For all-day breakfasts and sweet tooth cravings, Crisp Cafe is where you need to head to. Their pancakes, dessert sandwiches and sugary sinful cake shakes come highly recommended. 

    Great For

    Dessert, Breakfast 

    What Makes It Awesome

    An all-day breakfast menu that ensures your 4 pm or even 7 pm pancakes and French Toast cravings are sorted. Plus, not to mention that fact that the pretty al fresco seating works for squad meetings and dates. Settle down with a book and a side of cheesy fries if you are dining solo out in the open. You should start with an order of Red Velvet Pancakes that comes with cream cheese and chocolate spreads. Their Nutella & Marshmallow Grilled Sandwich, which is a breakfast option as well, is our favourite. Think Nutella spread and a chewy and gooey marshmallow in the centre will leave you with a sugar rush. 
    A side of BBQ Glazed Chicken Sausage and Fries will help you wash down all that sweetness. So does the Curry Leaf & Chilli Fries with Aioli Dip and Ramen Cutlets. The latter is noodles deep fried in batter! Yummers! If you want something substantial, there's sandwiches, burgers, pasta and mains such as Lamb Chops complete the menu. Don't skip out on the desserts and cake shakes menu with Cake Batter & Cookie Dough and Malteser Cake Shakes our favourites. Do try the S’Mores Tub, which is basically a cookie dough tub filled with melted marshmallows and chocolate. 

    What Could Be Better

    The Chicken Lasagna, while it didn’t blow our mind away, did the job of filling us up and keeping our hunger pangs at bay. Plus, the shakes can be really sugary for some. 


    There's parking available.