Art Collectives To Human Libraries: Get Your Hipster On With These Alternative Things To Do In The City

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Skip the cliches like a jog in Cubbon Park and eating appams at Koshy’s and do some of these alternative things, you probably didn’t know you could do in Bangalore. With cool book clubs, art collectives and communities to be a part of, there’s always something alt and hipster to do in the city. Here’s our list.

Read People At The Human Library

Read human beings instead of books at the Human Library which lets you read people from different walks of life. The concept has made its way from Denmark to namma Bengaluru, and our very own Human Library often hosts chapters and meetings where you can engage with your ‘books’ and hear them narrate their life stories. These are the tales you won’t find on bookshelves and you can have a two-way relationship with your book that has come to life. Read more here.

Poetry In The Park

Love literature and poetry? Well, join the club! No really, there’s an actual club for you to join, and this one meets once a month at Cubbon Park to exchange and discuss poetry. Poets, dreamers, writers and readers are all welcome in the Poetry In The Park community. Dealing with a different genre of poetry at every meeting, explore everything from Ghazals to Hip-Hop in these gatherings. Present your own work and compositions or read out your favourite poems to a group of poetry lovers, or just sit it out and take in the recitals of the others.

Movie Screenings At Everest Theatre

One of the few single screen theatres in the city, catching a movie at Everest Theatre in Frazer Town still has the charm and excitement of the pre-Netflix and pre-multiplex days. Everything about this cinema hall is old-school, from their ticket counters to their movie snacks (no nachos and hotdogs here, just good old popcorn and soda). However, they do often show the latest films, but sometimes screen lesser known independent films as well. Best part is, their ticket prices are probably the cheapest in the city.

Get Artsy At Maara

A super cool media and art collective, Maara celebrates freedom of speech and all kinds of artistic expression by frequently collaborating with many artists and curating show and collections, sometimes in public spaces. The collective often takes a political stand with its art and runs campaigns that support issues like gender equality and ending violence against women. Check them out here.


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