Amazing And Delicious Crackers For Kids!

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Lil Goodness

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What Makes it Awesome?

Lil goodness came up with tasty wholesome goodness for the kids. Goodness in the True Sense, Goodness is Quality Packed Tasty-goodness filled Foods. It was amazing in taste, Perfectly baked

It has 3 different Flavours :
* 1 Carrot
* 2 Spinach
* 3 Beetroot

Baked Vegetable Crackers:
1. It has no preservatives, no chemicals additives, like acidity stabilizers, MSG, emulsifier, Raising Agents, Colors, flavouring agents, artificial sweeteners, etc. What you see in the ingredients section is exactly what is in the Crackers. Nothing more.

2. It has whole wheat flour.

3. Sattu Powder or roasted Bengal gram flour which is not only high in protein but also contains a high amount of zinc (30% RDA in 30gm cracker) which enhances your immunity

4. Actual vegetables that come from Farms that follow natural methods of farming.

5. A carrot cracker contains 1 full carrot, respectively Beetroot and spinach

6. These crackers are low GI ( glycemic index) and high GL( glycemic load) food. So you remain satiated for a longer period as you are consuming nutrition-dense food while the calories are less.

7. The fact that the GL is high leads to a gradual breakdown of food that leads to sustained release of energy due to the breakdown of the macro and micronutrients.

8. The high fibre content from whole wheat and the vegetables

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