Take The Squad Here And Break Out of Prisons, Stop A Bomb And Haunted Houses

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Yet another live escape room, Amazing Escape makes things more realistic, immersive and even that bit more scary. The LBB crew tried and came out alive to tell the tale {minus details that might be spoilers}.

What Makes It Awesome

Always up for excitement and adventure, the LBB Crew trundled off to the newest live escape room in town — Amazing Escape. Set in a building in Indiranagar, it covers three floors and offers a whopping eight scenarios for you to choose from. Now, we’re team players, so of course we chose to stick together in the Prison Break. Things got pretty real when we were all hand-cuffed and thrown into jail. Yup, bars, brick walls, dim lighting and all. With 60 minutes to break out, before the warden and presumably the death sentence came round, we began our escape. Fumbling at first, we were glad for the assistance that owner/creator, Sandeep Pagaria gave us — some handy tips, but without spoiling the thrill of cracking the clues. Perfect for a group of 8-12, we managed to work together (you’ll need all hands on deck, trust us), and break out. Of course, if it were reality, we’d have gone over our breakout time by 13 minutes, but let’s ignore that! But if we hadn’t counted on each other, and on being observant, we’d probably still be in there. So, make sure you rally the troops in this one — teamwork is paramount!

Then, four bravehearts stayed on for The Evil Lucy — a game that will play with your soul. No, no, don’t scoff, it really did. We’re still recovering. Abandoned in a house with a demonic child, Lucy, on the loose, darkness, creepy music, bloody floors and cackles of the supernatural kept us all on our toes, and huddled together {See image above}. Yes, we’re all adults, and yes it was terrifying. Partly getting used to puzzle solving {this one is more about logic, analytical puzzles and making smart connects} and part desperation to get out of the eerie setting, we managed to solve this one under 60 minutes. Phew! Take that creepy, Lucy!


You can also choose to go back in time to Escape The Tomb {one for the history buffs as it’s set inside a pyramid}, discover the dangers looming in The Lost Kingdom, be Brad Pitt and George Clooney in The Casino Heist, decode the Da Vinci code in Illuminati or turn hero and save the city in Metro Bomb Defusal. Right then, let’s put 60 minutes on the clock. Ready? Set? Go…


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