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Load Up On Six-Layered Cake, Puffs And Samosas Under INR 100 At Amma's Pastries

Aakanksha posted on 21st December

Ten-Second Takeaway

Long before the swish gourmet or boutique patisseries cropped up, Amma’s Pasteries was wowing us with six-layered chocolate cakes, chicken puffs and doughnuts. And they still going strong.

Chow Down

Opera, chicken/veg puff and chicken bun.

Sip On

There’s nothing to drink here. But if you’re taking it home, then the world’s your oyster

Winning For…

Cakes and bakes a seriously great prices. It’s like you’re in the 80s!

Low Down On Ambience

It’s essentially a bakery with cakes, puffs, sandwiches and all their products in a display case. Each outlet varies in number, but there’s usually a few tables and chairs for a quick bite before your dash.

Bake My Day

OK, we won’t lie, if you’re looking for some MasterChef level desserts, don’t look here. But if you want tasty, homely and budget stuff, then you’re in the right zone. For over a decade now, Amma’s Pastries has been conjuring up some pretty looking and great tasting cakes ranging from the simple chocolate, pineapple and strawberry to the premium ones like Celebration {great for the chocoholic}, Sacher {nothing like the original but with layers of chocolate cream and nuts} and divine walnut brownies.

But what wins hands down is their six-layered Opera cake that alternates chocolate, coffee and ganache – simply wonderful. That to at only INR 450 for a kilo! They also do good cheese cakes {try Galaxy – with white chocolate and cream}, Tiramisu which could really do with more of an espresso hit and tangy green apple gateaux.

Pinch Of Salt

Layered, crisp, fluffy and stuffed with chicken, the Chicken Puffs here are old-school delish. Sure there’s plenty of oil, but that is what makes it so yummy! Even the vegetarian and egg versions are pretty tasty. Still old-school, the chicken and aloo buns make for great tea time snacks. The chicken one especially comes with a spicy and curried filling, which hits you with nostalgia. They also have burgers, sandwiches and samosas that’ll make a finger-food party a proper hit!

So, We're Thinking...

We love this place for bulk ordering for parties, and for that quick stop for snacks when it’s the end of the month and cash is low.

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BTM layout

773, 16th Main, 2nd Stage, BTM Layout, Bengaluru

Amma's Pastries

BTM layout
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