Kick It Old School At This Entertainment Zone On Church Street With Bowling And Arcade Games

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When you’ve had enough of the clubbing and crazy partying, or you just want to do something different, we suggest you hit up Amoeba on Church Street for some bowling and gaming.

What Makes It Awesome

Amoeba’s bowling alley is where we have tried mastering the art of bowling and documented every strike for bragging rights.  You’re probably nodding your head too! It’s that place you go to when you want to do something fun, but no one in the squad can actually figure out what. It’s also one of the places that we often end up going when the wait at Brik Oven is longer than the metro line. Crowded during the weekends, the bowling alley has 12 lanes, each of which can accommodate a maximum of eight people.

So all you folks with plenty of pals, sign up here. What we also like about this set up is that you can eat, drink and be merry while bowling. No need to aimlessly wait as the rest of your crew tries for a strike. You could happily be munching on French fries and mocktails while they try their hand at the sport.

If the bowling alley is too crowded, head to the arcade arena. Along with the old-school arcade games, they also have games that will give you tickets that can be exchanged for gifts. And that’s enough motivation for us at least to score big points at these games. Basketball, Deal Or No Deal, versions of slot machines and other games will win you tickets. We usually come home with candy or pencil boxes, but if you can get the million odd tickets to win the TV or cycles, good for you!

What Could Be Better

They provide bowling shoes, but for your own sanity and hygiene, take your own shoes and deodorant spray for your feet.


For those looking to beat the crowd, best you head here on weekends between noon and 5pm, or on the weekdays.


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