Hurray It's Hemp- Clothing That Anahata Is Turning Into Casual, Organic Fashion!

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What Makes It Awesome

Hemp has made waves in the fashion space and we're riding this high and staying afloat -- because hello! Hemp fabric is the coolest there is. What's that now? Never heard of "hemp" beyond the occasional you know, don't-make-us-spell-it-out? Okay, then you're in for a treat. To the point, hemp is the earth's strongest natural fiber and is better for mama earth and the whole fashion industry, period. This however, is only the tip of the iceberg, but to quickly give you more information -- industrial hemp is one of the fastest growing plants and the first to be spun into usable fiber 50,000 years ago! Aside from clothing, the fibers of this regenerative crop, which FYI needs very less water (4 times less than cotton) can be used to make paper and other textiles. 

The reason we're tooting hemp's horn as much (we must otherwise too) is because Anahata, on the LBB Shop has given us enough reason and more with their line of organic, sustainable and eco-friendly casual wear. What you see is what you get with this label, in the sense, they keep things clean, minimal and simple. Beige, cream, white and grey are the only colours they currently work with to give us both women and men's choices. Think, Organic Women's Hemp Pajamas, Skirts, Dresses, Trousers, Shirts and Tops. And similarly, men's shirts and kurtas. 

Their clothes are naturally UV, odour and mould & mildew resistant, anti microbial, soft & lightweight, breathable and the best part, gets better with every wash! Investing in Anahata's clothing doesn't mean only looking chic every single day, but also looking out for yourself and the planet. 


As you can tell, we cannot stress this enough! Since these pieces are well and ethically made, it is a little steep, upwards of INR 1,200. But, hey, it's worth it!